Naruto Headband – Origin and Types

Temple defenders are generally worn as an indication of pride and fealty for one’s town. Ninja think of it as a fair, significant piece of their practice, and try wearing it consistently, particularly while competing with a friend from a similar town. Albeit not wearing a brow defender is regularly considered to be discourteous to one’s town and friends, a ninja who doesn’t wear one might in any case be faithful to their town. Likewise, to have one’s defender eliminated is to indicate one’s dishonor to the name “ninja”, as Naruto did to Boruto for cheating during the Chūnin Exams. At the point when a ninja is to be deprived of their situation from the Shinobi Organizational System because of an offense of conventions, they are to surrender their defenders also, as Boruto, Sarada and Mitsuki were to surrender their brow defenders for their unapproved access to Iwagakure (in spite of Naruto specifically lauding them for their honorable activities).

Some absent nin, for example, Zabuza Momochi, keep wearing their temple defender even after they’ve left their town. Akatsuki individuals who hold their brow defenders cut a long, flat scratch across the image, to show they have revoked their loyalties and dismissed their towns. Townspeople of Amegakure lined up with Pain bear similar scratches across their temple defenders, however stay faithful to the town; it represents their triumph during the nationwide conflict against Hanzō.

In anticipation of the Fourth Shinobi World War, Mifune plans another brow defender to be worn by individuals from the Allied Shinobi Forces. Engraved with the kanji for shinobi (忍), that’s what it represents, though when every ninja battled for their towns independently, they currently stand joined under one standard for a similar reason. The individuals from the Alliance wear this instead of their unique temple defender.


Notwithstanding being known as a “temple defender”, it isn’t required for a ninja to wear it on their brow or even on their head by any means.

Sakura Haruno wears hers as a hair-band.

Genma Shiranui wears his like a bandanna with the town image confronting in reverse.

Hayate Gekkō, Ebisu and Ibiki Morino wears theirs like a bandanna with the town image looking ahead.

Kankurō wears his on his hood.

Kakashi Hatake wears his as an improvised eye-fix.

Hinata Hyūga and Temari wears theirs around their neck.

Shikamaru Nara wears his on his upper left arm.

Chōjūrō utilizes his like an identification on his chest.

Yagura Karatachi involves an undershirt where his defender is in the center.

Fū wears hers on her right arm.

Gaara folds his over the tie that covers him.

Could Guy, Rock Lee and Metal Lee wear theirs as a belt.

Ino Yamanaka ties hers around her waist in Part I.

Konan’s isn’t conventionally noticeable; she wears hers under her shroud on her right hip.

Sasuke Uchiha keeps his brow defender on him at his midriff as an image of his companionship with Naruto.

Iwabee Yuino wears his by joining to his belt like a keychain.

Enko Onikuma wears her temple defender’s metal plate sticks around her neck like a neckband.


Naval force Blue: The most widely recognized shade of temple defenders. Numerous ninja save this tone for the sum of their ninja profession.

Dark: The second most normal shade of brow defenders. Some, like Naruto Uzumaki, even change from blue to dark after the timeskip.

Ruby: Common among ninja of Iwagakure. Additionally utilized by Hebiichigo, Ichirōta Oniyuzu, Hassaku Onomichi, Buntan Kurosuki, Rock Lee and Might Guy and, after the timeskip, Sakura Haruno and Chōji Akimichi.

White: Though seldom seen, a few Kumogakure ninja use it, as do the Four Celestial Symbols Men.

Purple: Has been utilized by those faithful to Otogakure and Hoshigakure. Inoichi Yamanaka and the Gold and Silver Brothers additionally utilize purple.

Brown: Seen momentarily in the 10th OVA, worn by a Kumokagure genin.

Dim Green: Has been utilized by genin of Kusagakure in the anime: Team Kazami.

Light Green: Has been utilized by Wasabi Izuno of Konohagakure

Orange: Has been utilized by Namida Suzumeno and Tsuru Itoi of Konohagakure


There have been a few situations where the plan of the metal plate or material has been adjusted somehow or another, past simple fabric tone.

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